Saturday, October 1, 2016

MFJ-1022 Antenna Replacement Mod

Recently I found an expensive 37.7 inch telescopic antenna on eBay for $1.08 including shipping. I have been wanting to experiment with reception by replacing the 20 inch antenna that comes with the MFJ-1022 active antenna unit.

Disassembling the unit is pretty strait-forward. Just remove the top cover, unscrew the 3 bolts from the circuit board, and unscrew the blots from the female PL-259 antenna input. The image below shows a bit of comparison between the old and new antenna. You will need to find a corresponding screw size for your new antenna.

NOTE: Be sure to purchase an antenna with a screw attachment at the bottom base.

Here is another side by side comparison. The new antenna dwarfs the old antenna that came with the unit.

Here is another shot of the new antenna fully extended. The new antenna is a bit thicker also. Fortunately, the new antenna fits through the antenna hole in the cover.

I do not know if this will void your warranty with MFJ. Most likely it does void it. My MFJ-1022 is a used unit I purchased online.

I am pleased with the reception results. The mod was well worth the $1.08 I spent.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Hallicrafters 5R10A and MFJ-1022 and Utilizing Amplification

Continuing from my previous post Hallicrafters 5R10A and MFJ-1022 ...

I did a bit of experimenting with my old Hallicrafters 5R10A shortwave receiver and my MFJ-1022 amplified indoor antenna. I compared using a battery versus AC adapter. I discovered if I use the AC adapter, I should disconnect the ground bar between the Hallicrafters' ground and antenna 2 terminals then connect the antenna ground from the MFJ-1022 to the actual ground terminal and the antenna wire to the antenna 1 terminal.

Alternately, if I use the battery, I need to disconnect the ground between the MFJ-1022 and my Hallicrafters' receiver and reconnect the ground bar between the ground and antenna 2 terminals while leaving the actual antenna lead connected to antenna 1, obviously.

Basically when utilizing the amplified antenna, there are certain stations that it helps and others it simply overloads with noise if the station is in close proximity. Also with any amplified antenna, you will pick up any RF interference such as a computer if close. But, the benefits sometimes outweigh the cost.

Happy DXing.