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Thursday, August 18, 2016

PeopleSoft Journal Spreadsheet Upload: DIY ampersand fix "&"

In reference to my previous post about PeopleSoft Journal Spreadsheet Upload and the issue of ampersands "&". I have a fix that may help you if you are experiencing the same issue.

Let's say your problem may be that the field you are wanting to pass an ampersand value may not be encoding correctly. The description field is encoding, but any other field may be giving you a headache.  Here is another fix.

First open the Microsoft Excel XLA file JRNLMCRO.

If prompted, enable macros.

Next select the Developer tab and then click the Visual Basic icon/button.

Expand the Modules folder in the Project window and double click mImportControl.

Find the private function Row2XML and add your field  as another "If sColName" decision statement as so:

Save and test. If you find the change beneficial, distribute to your end users.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

GSA Per Diem Rates for 2017 Available

Just a friendly reminder that the GSA per diem rates are now available for 2017. They are effective dated 10/01/2016. You can download them at

The following link shows you how to prepare the file using Crystal Reports:

It is an older post but still should work. I will try and get an updated version soon.